YO CREO: Un documental sobre la belleza de la FE
  • YO CREO: Un documental sobre la belleza de la FE
  • YO CREO: Un documental sobre la belleza de la FE

I Believe: A documentary about the beauty of Faith


Winner in the Oscars of Christian cinema... Does God exist? Is the world the result of a coincidence?, Why is there evil?, What happens after death?, millions of human beings of all ages have formulated these and many more...read more

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Format: dvd videoFormato PALZona 2
Language: Idioma Español

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TRAILER Documentary DVD:
I BELIEVE: A documentary about the beauty of Faith


DVD I BELIEVE: A documentary abouth the beauty of the Faith. Winner in the Oscars of Christian Cinema.

¿Is there a God? Is the world the result of a coincidence? Why does evil exist ?, What happens after death ?, millions of human beings of all ages have been asked these and many more questions about the transcendent and the meaning of life.

In "I belive", we see testimonies like the one of a pastor, or a dancer, or great intellectuals. They are honest about what they believe and explain why. Each of them represents a life and circumstances, all so different and yet so close, that it is very difficult for the viewer not to be reflected in one way or another. The emotional force of the testimonies, the beauty of nature, the purity of the Word of God, sacred art and a sensational original soundtrack complement this reference work which takes the Catholic Creed as a plot line and tries to show the beauty of faith.

If you are posing any of the transcendental questions or if you have already taken sides and are convinced, 'I believe' will give you a new, unexpected and above all sincere vision of faith. 'I Believe' is a documentary about the beauty of the faith that invites you to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

"I believe" has received great popular support at the Grenoble 3D International Festival and several prizes at the "Mirabile dictu" in Rome, known as "the Oscars of Christian Cinema". In addition, the Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, dependent on the Holy See, has given its institutional support..


Director: Vincenç Vila

Reparto: Documental

¿Existe Dios? ¿Es el mundo fruto de una casualidad? ¿Por qué existe el mal? ¿Qué ocurre después de la muerte? Millones de seres humanos de todas las épocas se han formulado estas y muchas más preguntas sobre el trascendente significado de la vida. En 'Yo Creo', desde testimonios anónimos, como el de un pastor o una bailarina, hasta grandes intelectuales se sinceran sobre en qué creen y por qué. Cada uno de ellos representa una vida y unas circunstancias, todas ellas tan diferentes y a la vez tan cercanas, que es muy difícil que el espectador no se encuentre reflejado de un modo u otro. (FILMAFFINITY)

Título Original:Yo creo
Número de discos:1
Duración: 60 minutos
Idiomas: Español
Año: 2013
Clasificación por edades:
Recomendada para todos los públicos
Sistema: PAL - Zona 2


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