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Peluche Jesús


Sympathetic and cuddly toy of Jesus adult made of velvet (plush). Simple design that tries to resemble the Jesus of Mercy as he appeared to Saint Faustina Kowalska. High quality material. You can take it with you to hug him, play or pray with him. With European and American certificate can be used by children of any age..

Peluche Jesús


- Super soft plush body and tunic
- Head full of wool hair.
- Embroidered eyes, eyebrows and smiling mouth
- 30 cm/11,8 in, standing position.
- Sewn-on nose, belt and slippers.
- For children 0+
- Ongoing safety certification for EU and US market


- A meaningful and cuddly Christian plush toy for our children aged 1,3 and 5 and also other children

- Pure and clean design, resembling Jesus as he appeared to sr. Faustina Kowalski in Poland.

- Emmanuel – God with us – plush Jesus to carry around everywhere, to play with and pray with.

- High quality and all new materials.

- Charity supported through sale


1€/1$ from each toy sold sent by Mercy toys to charity (Caritas Internationalis in the EU and Christian Relief Fund in the US)

El peluche Jesús es un producto de Mercy Toys.

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